ProConIt is the better way to discuss and debate any topic on the web. But this isn't your typical never ending comment thread or limited polling tool.

With ProConIt, you create a "Procon" by defining both the topic of discussion and the two sides of the issue you want to gather opinions on. ProConIt allows you to ask these questions and then invite either a specific group, or the web at large, to provide their thoughts.

Procons can be used by individuals to organize opinions from trusted sources and help make decisions. Procons can be used by businesses to gather, organize and interpret opinions from any web based community or audience by embedding the ProConIt Widget in any environment.

Standard Account

As people browse your Procon, they can submit opinions on either side of the issue as well as evaluate on the validity of previously submitted opinions. This "Social Evaluation" process allows the best opinions to rise to the top, providing you insight into the topic at hand or the decision to be made, while simultaneously eliminating spam and irrelevant comments.

  • The needle tells you which way the issue is leaning
  • The arguments tell you why
  • The weights tell you how strongly the audience feels
  • It's fun, efficient and easy to use

Premium Account

The interactive ProConIt widget allows you to bring the benefits of Social Evaluation to any website or blog for free, allowing you to engage users, organize opinions and drive traffic back to your content. While embedding the ProConIt widget is free, please be aware that we do include passive, non-obtrusive advertisements while audiences are evaluating opinions.

  • Choose from four different widget sizes to match your layout requirements
  • Social media integration allows your audience to interact with Procons using their existing social media credentials.
  • Social media integration encourages your audience to share their opinions (and your content) via social networks, driving traffic back to your website.
  • Your audience's interaction with embedded Procons facilitates user generated content, increasing time on site.
  • The ProConIt Widget can be embedded in multiple locations. Want to gather and organize opinions from both your Facebook fan page community and website community? Easy! Embed the same Procon in both locations.

Get started with a Standard Account

ProConIt Premium account holders have access to a number of additional features when embedding Procons. This includes the ability to adjust widget size and color, remove advertisements or keep advertisements and join the ad share program. Click below to learn more about these premium features.

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Benefits of a ProConIt Premium Account

ProConIt is the better way to discuss any topic on the web, engaging viewers and allowing you to gather, organize and interpret audience opinion while monetizing content. Using our advanced features, the ProConIt widget can be customized to fit your needs and embedded into any web environment. Premium Account holders can create an unlimited number of Procons. Encourage readers to share opinions after reading articles. Gather customer feedback on products. Engage sports fans before the next big game. The uses are endless!

Purchase a Premium Account

Customizable Widget

Premium Account holders can customize the embeddable ProConIt widget to fit their needs and requirements in a number of ways.

  • Custom Resizing
  • Custom Recoloring
  • Access to the ProConIt Slideshow
  • Access to the ProConIt Micro Widget
  • Timed Expiration

Engaging Users

Your online community is full of unique people that interact with content in different ways. Embedded Procons engage online extroverts who submit their opinions, as well as the introverted, passive members who evaluate those opinions. The best comments rise to the top and you gain insight into your community as a whole.

Driving Traffic

ProConIt provides integration with social media platforms, encouraging your community to share their opinions with peers and drive traffic back to your content. ProConIt's homepage acts as an "opinion aggregator" showing the hot topics being discussed across the web and directing our community towards your embedded Procons, driving additional page views to your content.

Monetizing Content

ProConIt provides you with the option of joining our ad revenue sharing program, which includes non-obtrusive advertisements within Procons, delivering targeted advertising to an engaged audience. You also have the option of completely removing ads from your Procons if you prefer. The widget can even be customized to include ads from other ad networks.

Interpret Opinions

Analytics provided to our Premium Account holders on each Procon measure audience engagement and social media interaction allowing them to better understand the opinions of the community and cater to them in the future.

So you need to make a decision...

What do you usually do when faced with this scenario? You contact sources you trust in order to gather their opinions and insight to help you make the best choice possible. ProConIt provides a more efficient and fun way to do just that, without taking the time to make multiple phone calls and send numerous emails.

Get started with a Standard Account

First, create a Procon that outlines the decision you need to make and the two potential choices. Then, send your question out to trusted friends and peers via social networks. Friends and family provide their thoughts on the two choices presented and evaluate the thoughts of others. As opinions are submitted you quickly see the best rationale for each choice and which choice your trusted network is leaning towards as a whole.

It's efficient, fun, easy, useful and free. Click below to get started with your first Procon.