How to Use ProConIt

The Three Basic Types of Procons

1. The Decision Maker

Should you buy a wheat thresher? Did the President make the right decision? Decision Maker Procons hold the answers to all of life's toughest questions. And they're simple to create: just use the word "should" in the title of your Procon.

2. The Single Evaluator

Looking for the final word on the iPad? Need the unbiased scoop on a hot local restaurant? Single Evaluator Procons are perfect for take-no-prisoners judgments of any person, place, product, issue, or controversy. And they’re easy to build: just use the name of your subject as the title of your Procon.

3. The Double Evaluator

Always wanted to pit apples and oranges head-to-head? With Double Evaluator Procons, you can see exactly how any two people, places, or things measure up. And they’re a breeze to construct: just start the title of your Procon with the words "who/which is more/better/etc…"

But remember: These are just the basic Procon types. Your personal Procons can take the form of anything you can conceive. So use your imagination and get creative.